About Us

EZPZ Chemical, LLC (est. 2010) is a distributor for industrial chemicals such as degreasers, cleaners, coolants, and welding anti-spatter solutions. 

Located in the heart of Elkhart County, Indiana, we’re proud to be part of an area that is known for its entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity for over 100 years. Elkhart is widely-regarded as the Band Instrument Capital of the World and the RV Capital of the World. There are also many cargo trailer manufacturers, bus manufacturers and boat manufactures in the area. In order to support all these various manufacturing plants there are also many various fiberglass plants, powder coating facilities, wood shops, metal fabrication plants and distributors in the area. 

This wide variety of manufacturing has allowed EZPZ Chemical, LLC to become involved in all sorts of cleaning and metal working opportunities. With over 20 years of experience in problem-solving with many of these different manufacturers, we have developed unique high-quality, but low-cost, products. 

One of the reasons we are able to offer great value to our clients is because our products are made fresh and then delivered directly to the customer. There are no other middlemen, warehousing, or additional freight costs involved like many products have. We aren’t limited to a catalog of products to choose from, either: our chemists develop our products for a particular client’s need and may be refined and tweaked until it’s right. Often times, that new product may have uses for other clients, as well, and our customers often try new ways of using a product for another purpose, which also benefits other customers. 

These products include cleaning the inside and outside of RV’s, pontoons, and cargo trailers during the manufacturing process. We also designed a product to remove the “infamous” Black Streaks off of RV’s, cargo trailers, buses etc. This is one of those “must see to believe” type products because it cleans so effortlessly. 

Due to all the various metal fabrication done in our area we have various coolants for, roll forming, CNC’S, tube mills, band saws (with sump tanks & without) and aluminum chop saws. With metal fabrication comes a lot of welding and therefore we have a welding anti-spatter product in bulk that offers tremendous savings over aerosol cans. We also have rust inhibitors and rust removers.

Many of our ideas have been developed because our clients are always looking for a better, quicker, safer way of getting things done. We are thankful for the great working relationships that we have developed with our clients over the years, and for their coming to us to help solve their problems. There is never any product development cost/charge to have our chemists come up with a new product idea that our customers have. We always take a sample for the customer to approve before they begin purchasing it.