Big EZ Degreaser

Big EZ Degreaser is a safe, non-flammable and biodegradable degreaser that is excellent for removing grime and oil from just about anything: including engines, machinery, floors, etc. It works extremely well on stamping presses, air compressors, CNC’s or other machinery using oil coolants. 

This product can be diluted. The general rule is to dilute it until you find yourself using too much elbow grease or it isn’t removing the oil/grime fast enough. With a little experimentation, you’ll find the “sweet spot” and save both time and money! 

Big EZ Degreaser was designed as a foaming degreaser and works best with a foaming applicator. This mixes the degreaser 6:1 with air to make a thick, adhesive foam that penetrates oil and grime, even on vertical surfaces. Let set then simply wipe down or pressure wash. Using a foamer also reduces product usage compared to just spraying it on with a typical sprayer. 

Will not remove paint except for some water-based paints. 

Other Uses:

– Mop and bucket at 5-15:1 for removing oil on garage floors depending on how much oil/grime is on the floor. 

– Some customers dilute this product in their floor scrubbers at 15-20:1.  It is possible that it may foam too much in the discharge tank. 

– Very successful steel substrate cleaner prior to painting cargo trailer frames and various other metal fabrication applications and offers excellent paint adhesion. Foam it on and wipe it off with a clean rag and let dry before painting. Switch rags often so as not to be rubbing oil from a dirty rag back onto the surface. 

– Excellent Black Streak Remover for RV’s and cargo trailers regardless of whether the outside skin is painted aluminum or fiberglass. 

– Works great for removing smoke film off of walls after a fire or cigarette smoke film from walls or leather/vinyl furniture. 

– Can be used to remove the green mold off of house siding with a scrub brush and will not kill vegetation. 

– Will remove bug juice off of cars without damaging the paint. It may remove the car wax however. Can also be used to clean car floor mats. It also removes brake dust off of aluminum wheels and motorcycle rims. Be sure to rinse well when done. 

– Removes footprints from horse-trailers/toy-haulers, leaving floors as-good-as-new and non-slip!


Coach Clean*

This cleaner is used to remove some glues, grease pencil marks, wood putty, etc in RV final finish department. Coach Clean was developed for use on all surfaces of the unit including cabinets, vinyl ceilings and floors without leaving a residue. It easily removes the black anti-wick window sealer off the interior and exterior without causing damage to finishes.

Coach Clean is also used in aluminum window mfg plants where it removes the black adhesive window sealant from the glass and aluminum frame.

Coach Clean has pina colada fragrance but is also available in Starberry Cleaner with a cherry fragrance 


Orange Peel

Orange Peel is a stronger, more concentrated cleaner than Starberry/Coach Clean. Used to remove glue, grease pencil marks, undercoating, etc., from the inside and outside of RV/Cargo trailers in the final finish department. It leaves no oily residue and is safe on painted sheet metal, fiberglass and some plastics (test on plastic before use). Will remove road tar off vehicles without damaging the paint.


Quick-Vu Glass Cleaner

Quick-Vu Glass Cleaner is a great, inexpensive amonia free glass cleaner that has been formulated with de-ionized (DI) water. DI water has had all the minerals and impurities removed from it which enables it to clean fast and EZ with no “streaking.” It’s also used to clean aluminum and machine coolants off.

Lemon Shine

Lemon Shine is a combination cleaner and polish that allows you to clean and polish in one step. It is used in the RV industry to replace aerosol cleaning and polishing products with great cost savings. With just a little mineral oil to leave a shine, it won’t leave enough greasy residue to attract dust like some polishing products. It works fantastic on stainless steel appliances, elevator doors, etc, because once it’s applied, it tends to hide fingerprints and smudges. It is also anit-static so once the surface is cleaned it doesn’t attract dust.

Bus Shine 

This anti-static shine is used for wiping down almost any hard surface before the RV/bus/boat leaves the plant and won’t allow dust to be attracted to the surface. It can also be used on glass and Plexiglas the same way. This really helps out at RV/boat shows to keep the unit clean when it’s dusty out!


SS Shine
Stainless Steel Shine is used to clean and polish stainless steel/chrome surfaces and leaves a film that doesn’t show fingerprints.


EZ Citrus Cleaner

Our strongest D-limonene citrus cleaner at 95% concentration for removing certain glues/adhesives.


NC Clean

Non-Corrosive to aluminum, this cleaner is biodegradable and dilutable. Used to remove coolants off aluminum and in floor srubbers.


Stain Go Concentrate

This concentrated carpet cleaner that removes almost everything. One janitorial manager told us it’s the best carpet cleaner they’ve ever used for removing soft drink and coffee stains. We also have Stain Go RTU (ready to use) which is a 10:1 dilution if a customer wants an RTU product.


EZ Brake Cleaner

Brake cleaner in bulk for use with Milwaukee Sure shot cans etc.


Isopropryl Alcohol (IPA-) 70%

Many of our RV/boat manufacturers prefer this to 90-99% isopropryl alcohol because it doesn’t dry on the rags or evaporate out of open containers as fast. Still works great prior to installing graphics.


IPA-90% and IPA-99%

Sometimes you have to have 90% or 99% isopropryl alcohol. We can make any % blend.


OPC-140 Mineral Spirits