Hand Sanitizer Liquid

Made with ethyl grain alcohol and glycerin to keep skin soft. Contains a eucalyptus fragrance.  

This is an FDA registered sanitizer (Registration# NDC 46145-5002-4). It can also be sprayed, misted, or fogged, as long as the device does not heat up the liquid. It can also be used as a surface sanitizer using these devices.


Hand Sanitizer Gel

Same as above only a little thicker but still pourable out of 5-gallon pails or usable with drum pumps in 15 or 55 gallon drums or totes. 


Surface Sanitizer

Spray-on sanitizer that can be diluted 10:1 to sanitize a relatively clean surface. Requires a 1 minute dwell time. 


Sanitizer 1000/2000 RTU

Sprayon hard surface cleaner/sanitizer that will clean surfaces of dirt and grease while disinfecting them. Sanitizer 1000/2000 RTU are unique because they will clean and sanitize in one step. Most cleaners don’t sanitize and most sanitizers don’t clean! These products do both and can be used on glass as a streak-free cleaner. Contains a lemon fragrance. 

Recommended dilution rate is 6 ounces of concentrate mixed with 1 gallon of water (20:1)  When used at the recommended dilution, this product will disinfect (killing 99.99% of germs) in three to five minutes and can kill Norovirus in as fast as one minute. 

For use with COVID-19, the EPA recommends 2 minutes of dwell time at the recommended dilution concentration. 

No PPE required at 20:1. This can not be fogged. 

Sanitizer 2000 RTU is identical to Sanitzer 1000 above in a readytouse solution. 


Fog Sanitizer

This sanitizer contains no chlorine and is designed to be used as is in a fogging machine for sanitizing offices, restrooms or entire buildings. This product does not require any special masks when fogging. The room being fogged will be sanitized in 30 minutes.