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Big EZ Degreaser: engines, grease,grime, RV Black Streaks, floors, safe on rubber/plastic, dilutable,foaming

NC Clean: Non corrosive, safe on aluminum, floor scrubbers, dilutable

Orange Peel: Citrus solvent cleaner for glues, grease pencil etc Cargo trailer/horse trailer mfrs

Coach Clean: light citrus solvent cleaner(Pina Colada) for glues,grease pencil grime RV/Marine, door/window mfrs

Starberry: same as Coach Clean with cherry fragrance

EZ Citrus Cleaner: strong citrus cleaner to remove heavy glue

Lemon Shine: very light citrus cleaner with mineral oil, clean/polish wood & SS in one step, dilutable

Quick Vu: ammonia free, streak free glass cleaner

Stain Go: concentrated carpet cleaner, spot clean or in carpet machines

Stain Go RTU: ready-to-use of the above

SS Shine: stainless steel cleaner/polish, once applied it hides fingerprints

Bus Shine: anti-static cleaner used for glass, fiberglass/plastics, vinyl, dark surfaces, does not attract dust

EZ Brake Cleaner: non-chlorinated brake cleaner

Hand Sanitizer Liquid

Hand Gel Sanitizer

Surface Sanitizer (dilute 10:1)

Sanitizer 1000 (cleaner/sanitizer dilute 20:1)

Sanitizer 2000 RTU (Sanitizer 1000 ready-to-use)

Fog Sanitizer (for misting/fogging)

Specialty Products

EZ Cut: alum chop saw, steel band saw, doesn’t affect alum welds, prevents alum from melting onto grinding discs, tube bender lube

EZ Saw: similar to EZ Cut & has been used as tube bender lubricant

Smooth Cut: semi-synthetic band saw coolant, long blade life, cleans saw, dilutes 20:1, better than water soluble oil

EZ Tap: tapping & drilling coolant

Superpunch: punching coolant designed to eliminate galling on punches for thicker metals, also forming dies

EZ Grind: surface grinding coolant dilutable to 20:1

Sump Clean Out: cleaner for cleaning out CNC sump tanks and coolant lines

EZ Way: way coolant made from fresh oil (not recycled) doesn’t cause varnish on ways

HSC: hydraulic system cleaner designed to remove varnish and build up on ways etc caused by recycled way oil

Custom coolants for CNC, grinding,milling etc are continually being developed for various applications & too many to list

Spatter Free: welding anti-spatter that lasts on parts and jigs for 2-3 days to eliminate constant re-applying

Rust Protect 1300: rust protective film for 6-12 months on steel stored inside, 2-3 months outside

RP 40: aluminum corrosion inhibitor for pontoons in transit to dealers etc, somewhat similar to WD40

EZ Deruster: dilutable product to remove rust from small parts by soaking 8-10 hours

Defoamer: defoaming agent to remove foam in various tank baths, etc

Battery Enhancer: removes sulfation from deep cycle lead acid batteries, tested & proven to work to bring battery back to life

Battery Extender: special oil designed to float on top of battery and prevent hazardous gassing & constant watering

SL 250 Silicone: bulk silicone

ATO: air tool oil,

Hydraulic Oil: in ISO 32,46,68 All formulated with special oil to prevent rubber O-rings /gaskets from drying out, getting brittle and failing

Synthetic Hydraulic Oil: ISO 32,46

Air Compressor Oil

EZ403 Pipe Thread Oil